Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Nanny for Christmas

Movie Titles:  A Nanny for Christmas
My rating:  5/10
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Director:  Michael Feifer 
Stars:  Emmanuelle Vaugier, Dean Cain, Richard Ruccolo, Cynthia Gibb, Sierra McCormick, Jared Gilmore, Sarah Thompson...
Writers:  Michael Ciminera, Richard Gnolfo... 
Screenplay by: Michael Ciminera, Richard Gnolfo
Music by:  Chad Rehmann
Produced by:  Barry Barnholtz, Michael Feifer, Bonnie Comley...
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IMDB rating:  5.0/10 from 769 users 
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Rottentomatoes rating: -
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Year of release:  2010
Running time:  90 minutes
Country:  United States
Language:  English
Budget: 2,000,000$
Box office domestic:  -
Box office worldwide:  -

Plot:  Ally Leeds (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is an advertising executive at a firm that markets chocolates. Her boss Danny Donner (Dean Cain) fires her and she begins to look for another advertising postion. When Samantha Ryland (Cynthia Gibb), a strict and no-nonsense exec at a another ad agency, tells her she has a position for her, Ally jumps at the chance... only to learn that the actual job is being nanny to Samantha's two equally straight-laced children, Jackie (Sierra McCormick) and Jonas (Jared Gilmore). Ally begins to help the over-organized children relax more and enjoy life, but while doing so tries to keep abreast of the ad world, and her little white lies begin to get out of hand.

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