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Christmas Cupid

Movie Titles:  Christmas Cupid
My rating:  5/10
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Director:  Gil Junger
Stars: Christina Milian, Ashley Benson, Chad Michael Murray,Jackée Harry, Ashley Johnson, Burgess Jenkins...
Writers:  Aury Wallington
Screenplay by:  -
Music by:  Richard Gibbs
Produced by:  Jody Brockway, Craig McNeil
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IMDB rating:  5.4/10 from 1,502 users   
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Rottentomatoes rating: -
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Year of release:  2010
Running time: 85 minutes
Country:  United States
Language:  English
Budget:  -
Box office domestic:   -
Box office worldwide:   -

Plot:  Sloane Spencer is a publicist in Los Angeles, California planning the Snow Angel movie premiere on Christmas day for her client Caitlin Quinn. Unfortunately for Sloane, Caitlin continually seems to find herself involved in press scandals. Sloane is under pressure to make this event perfect so that she is chosen for a promotion to Vice President instead of her ex-boyfriend and co-worker Jason. To help her in her climb to the top, Sloane is dating her boss Andrew, who is also the son of the head of the company. Sloane is so focused on herself and her goals that she often doesn’t consider the feelings of those around her, preferring to think only of herself. She makes plans to work all of Christmas Day rather than spend time with her mother, Vivian, or go to the dinner hosted by her friend from college, Jenny, and Jenny’s husband, Ed. Jenny and Ed opened a restaurant, but are now in financial trouble. After visiting them at their restaurant, Sloane promises to help them out by giving out gift certificates to their restaurant in her company gift baskets.
Out a club that night Caitlin chokes to death on the olive from a martini. Her ghost comes back to haunt Sloane, telling her that her time is running out and she needs to change her ways or pay the price. Caitlin tells Sloane that for the next 3 nights she will be visited by 3 different ghosts at the stroke of midnight and they will give her a chance at redemption.Sloane is shocked and confused when Andrew calls her to tell her that Caitlin has died, not believing that she just talked to a ghost. So, she decides to see the body for herself. At the hospital, Sloane runs into Patrick, her ex-boyfriend from college, who is a doctor at the hospital. Upon seeing Caitlin’s body, Sloane is clearly more upset about the implications for the movie premiere than the loss of a young girl. Sloane becomes even more flustered after being visited by Caitlin’s ghost again, and seeks consolation from Patrick. The spark between them is still there, and Patrick confronts Sloane about breaking up with him rather than going with him to medical school in Iowa.The next day, Caitlin’s ghost continues to follow around Sloane, interfering in her every day activities. Andrew puts Sloane in charge of Caitlin’s memorial, and Sloane decides to combine it with the movie premiere. Consequently, everyone at the office has to work overtime, even on Christmas Day. Patrick calls Sloane and asks her out on a date, but she is torn and puts off having to give him an answer

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